Monday, February 23, 2015

The last two days!

The last two days of the trip were fantastic! We have had an amazing and wonder time! On Saturday, we performed at St. Nicholas and at Galway Cathedral! The acoustics were incredible and the lunchtime concert was completely full! Both concerts were so fun to sing. The mass was a little intense because we weren't exactly sure where we were supposed to sing each piece, but overall, we figured it out and it went well! Two performances in one day was tiring, but rewarding. On Sunday, we had a long drive back to Dublin and then we performed alongside soloist, Mary Fogerty and the Frank Kelly Family ensemble. It was very cool to hear the different sounds that the Irish sang with and the performance raised nearly 1000 euro for the County Wicklow Alzheimer's Association! We were proud to be a part of it and the trip was a huge success! We'll be sharing photos and links to videos as we get them sorted :-) 

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