Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 3 and 4

We've had some awesome days! Yesterday, we visited the beautiful Glendalough, which means the land of two lakes. It is a 6th century monastic settlement with a stone church and tower completely in tact. We had over an hour to explore the grounds and many students took the 3.5 mile walk to both lakes. We then took a drive out to Kilkenny and stopped at a burial pylon that was at least 5,000 years old! We had some downtime at the hotel, a great rehearsal and a great dinner! All the food has been amazing and the weather is beautiful (but chilly-many sweaters were purchased today). Today began with a trip to Kilkenny Castle and then several students and I were on the radio to promote our performance! While we were doing that, the rest of the group climbed an awesome church tower and then we all had some lunch and time to explore Kilkenny and shop. The afternoon was incredible! We had our workshop with the young people of Newpark Close Family Resource Center, which is sort of a neighborhood club and a youth center. It was clear that had never heard anything like our choir. We sang with them, taught them warmups and part of Shenandoah as they sang for us. After that, we performed at St. John's Roman Catholic Church, which was spectacularly beautiful and sounded glorious. We sang and the Newpark Close students sang. The Mayor of Kilkenny attended (and took selfies with us!) and everything was so fun and lovely! Our hearts are full tonight! 

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