Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 6

Today we had a beautiful excursion to the Ring of Kerry and the three lakes of Kilarney. We stopped in Kenmare, and had some time to explore a little town. The lakes and mountains were incredible and we got to take some good sheep selfies! We also visited the grounds of Muckcross House, which contain stunning gardens and paths to walk. The trees are covered in lovely, bright green moss, which is particularly cool looking as the leaves are off and spring is just beginning. Some flowers are blooming and it's rained a little everyday. This evening, we arrived in Limerick and had an awesome time at the madrigal dinner inside of Bunratty Castle! The castle has been there since the 11th century (although the current structure was built in the 1500s). Our dinner was great and the music was great as well! Of course, we got to sing there too. We've been singing EVERYWHERE! People find out we're a choir and always ask us. We've sung in and out of churches, inside castles, at dinner, all the time. It is wonderful! 

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